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A Visit to Contemporary Pastoral Care Concepts 現代教牧關懷再探

Pastoral Care 教牧關懷 Traditional Pastoral Care Traditional pastoral care is conducted in the church, by visits, home visits, hospital visits, sacraments, funerals, communion, oiling, prayers, retreats, interviews, teaching, Bible studies, discipleship, etc.  The care targets are the community of believers in the church. If a believer has individual questions, he/she may individually meet with his/her shepherd pastor. At this time, the shepherd will try to understand his difficulties, or use Bible truth to teach him or teach him pastoral counseling to help him out of the difficulties; but more often, the pastor due to too busy, there may not be enough time for counseling, so it may be referred to outside professional counselors or hastily to pray.   Modern Pastoral Care In the course of...